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"It's all in the details" - stands for our company and our products. All our products are handmade and thoughtful in every detail, we go the extra mile in the equipment!

The company was founded in 2013 and built from scratch just handmade jewelry as desired. Over time, our product range and demand has spread and now we are niche on horses and horse sport! Our incredibly popular horse trays is a strong product that we have worked long and that has been there from the beginning. In 2016 we released our first own collection of blah hoods, bandages and much more. And we will continue to come up with new and cool collections!
Our goal now is to go over Sweden's borders and become a strong brand internationally. We work a lot with different riders and help them in their efforts. We think it is important that innovative companies are by and see the development of equestrian sport and this comes through our team riders.
It is also our team riders who help develop our products. They are involved in testing the products from the beginning and to see how they work in practice and help to develop them to the very best