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Stina grew up on Hamre Västergård just outside Arboga and went nationwide Idrottsgymnasiet focusing jumping on Stromsholm, where she later worked as a teacher for a few years. Stina competes for Jump Club RSF and has throughout his career worked closely with Lotta Björe and Sylve Söderstrand who served as mentors and coaches, she has B-practicing license in jumping and holding training sessions around the country. The main focus of Stina's business is training and racing of horses, ranging from 3-year-olds to horses in hard class. Stina has ridden Falsterbo Scandinavian Open and Breeders Trophy every year since 2000 and have had highly placed horses in the 4-, 5- and 6-year classes. She has some 15 horses up to advanced level.


Frida Bergman, 23years. Train and compete in show jumping with my horse Bovean Ferrari. Together we started 110cm. Lives in Norrkoping.
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My name is Sunniva Harneshaug. I am currently 18years old, and do dressage on elite level at Advanced Medium difficulty with my horse Pandoer. I live in Norway, but I want to move out of the country and become a professional. The last three years in a row I've won the Regional Championships in dressage, in 2014 I won the mid-national championship and in 2015 we rode the freestyle-finale of the Norwegian National Junior Dressage Championship. My goal this year is a spot in the finale of the Young Rider nationals and to compete internationally


My name is Emelie Eklund and I'm 22 years old. I ride difficult class in dressage and compete internationally. Last year I was with the national team as Young Rider and was with and took a silver medal in the Law on NM. Today, Whoopee Intermediaire II and we are working hard to U25-rigs with Lövsta Future Challenge in sight. My other horse Detroit has just debuted difficult class.



My name is Amanda Eklund and I'm 23 years old. I ride and compete my 10 year old horse Sambucus I have trained up to Grand Prix. We debuted the U25 rigs during Gina Tricot Grand Prix in 2016, where we won all of our classes with a peak performance of almost 74% in the Grand Prix Freestyle. This year we will participate in Lövsta Future Challenge with the goal of qualifying for the finals of the Friends Arena in the autumn. We also hope to break into the U25 national team in 2016/2017 and represent Sweden at the championship. Hope you will join us and follow our trip!


My name is Ebba Nilsson and I'm a dressage rider at almost 16 full years. Right now I have five horses, three of which are at home in our stable. With my two ponies Roman and B Capriole I have ridden EM, SM, taken two SM Silver, ridden over Flasterbo Horse show and the SIH. Soon it's time for me to leave pony time and go over the big horse with my new friend Miata. He will teach me everything he can, and our goal is international competitions and hopefully something championships. If you want to follow me through everyday life with the horses I'm here:
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Emma Håkansson's my name for 16 years and live in Nyköping and collaborates proudly together with DBK. I have 3 horses of which one of them is a C-pony. I both train and compete pony and one great horse. The other is my mother. I bet iår to come to SM with my pony. And the debut 130cm with my big horse.


My name is Lisa and new, very proud and happy team riders DBK I have competed up to 140 jumping on a horse, but my main interest is to educate and develop young horses a bit, given that my daughter Emma Hakansson also team riders for DBK to be take over late! We currently have 3 horses Pina C-pony imp Germany aims to go SM 2016. Danne (Silver Dime) my old racing buddy who joined 140 jumping is now the master of Emma. Scotti (Scotstown midnight clover) imp Ireland under training so far has jumped to an second placings in 120 Target qualify for the 130 this year and go some easier classes with Emma!


Linda Bergqvist, 22 years old and lives in Mellerud located a few mil north of Gothenburg. Have own two large horses, lecturer's and Wilma Rudolph I compete jumping up to 130 cm. Also runs a horse blog where you can keep up with me in my everyday life.

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